In Out Of The Box, the author calls for a shift in the way Christians look at what ministry is and how it can be applied to those who most need it. With practical, pertinent ways to move the focus of ministry from “in the church” to “out of the church,” this book provides guidance and encouragement to make a real impact on others in exciting and relevant ways.
The author makes the point that the best way to reach those outside the church is to build rela-tionships with them in their world. Out Of The Box helps bring into focus ways to build ministries using God-given gifts and characteristics unique to each person. This easy to follow guide can help anyone discover and create a personal plan to reach others for Christ.
This engaging and motivating book brings new meaning to the Great Commission!
Todd Shaw is the Founder and President of On Track Ministry (a motorsports out reach ministry), an Author, and a sought after speaker with churches, non-profit organizations, as well as corporate groups.
With years of experience in training leaders in and out of the church, Todd has the know-how for motivating people to action. The principles he teaches are tried and true methods, ones that many are still living out today. Pat Williams, vice president of the Orlando Magic, cited Todd’s skill in leading and encouraging others by including many contributions in his book Coaching Your Kids To Be Leaders.
With a contagious enthusiasm and quick wit, Todd’s heartbeat is “application” so listeners will walk away with practical steps toward improving their life and relationship with Christ.
Thank you for considering us to encourage your group. We are passionate about equipping men and women for their God-given calling in life so they can have an impact in the community and church!  If it is in the work place, school or church, we believe God's people should rise above the crowd to set an example.
Our policy regarding speaking engagements, workshops, training events, etc., is to prayerfully consider each request we receive. In most cases, we ask that your organization cover our travel expenses (airfare, hotel, meals, etc.) and provide an appropriate speaking honorarium, plus provide 1-tables and 2-workers for us to offer our equipping resources for sale at your event.
We do not want fees to prevent us from ministering to your group. If financial constraints are an issue, we ask that you pray about the matter, and let us know your budget. We have found that local businesses or individuals are sometimes willing and able to "sponsor" your event and help underwrite costs.


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Out of the box and loving it!
2nd Edition

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A Scout is...
Values for a lifetime

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Todd has the know-how for motivating people to action. With a contagious enthusiasm and quick wit, his heartbeat is “application” so listeners will walk away with practical steps toward improving their company, their life, and their community.

Todd can connect with almost any group and that is what makes him so desirable to groups and companies as a teacher, trainer and inspirational speaker.

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